///VetsFirst Q&A: Will VA Fill Prescriptions Written By Non-VA Doctors?

VetsFirst Q&A: Will VA Fill Prescriptions Written By Non-VA Doctors?


I am a veteran, but I receive care for my heart from a non-VA specialist. This specialist prescribes my heart medications. Will VA fill these prescriptions? I don’t use the VA for healthcare because I feel that there are other veterans who need their services more than I do. I would, however, like to take advantage of VA’s prescription drug costs.


The VA Medical Center will only fill non-VA prescriptions for veterans who are enrolled in the VA healthcare system and are in receipt of Aid and Attendance (A&A) or housebound benefits or have been authorized by VA to receive care in the community. Otherwise, VA is not authorized to fill prescriptions written by non-VA providers.

If a non-VA provider has prescribed a medication, a VA physician may elect to re-write the prescription(s) providing the veteran is enrolled in the VA’s healthcare system and receiving treatment at that facility.

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