Federal Transition Assistance Programs

VA Office of the Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness
This website gives information about the Transition Assistance Program Office (TAPO), and efforts in improving the service-wide program offered upon military separation.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Transition Assistance Program
The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information and training to ensure Service members leaving Active Duty are prepared for their next step in life whether pursuing additional education, finding a job in the public or private sector, or starting their own business.

United States Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)
This website offers information regarding the law that created TAP and established a partnership among the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Transportation and the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), to give employment and training information to armed forces members within 180 days of separation or retirement. It also offers information pertaining to DOL’s VETS program.

Service-Specific Transition Assistance Programs

While TAP is a VA program, service-specific information is available on the following websites:

United States Coast Guard
Office of Work-Life Transition Assistance Program

United States Navy
Commander, Navy Installations Command Transition Assistance Program

Navy Personnel Command Transition GPS Program

United States Marine Corps
USMC Transition Assistance Program

United States Air Force
Transition Assistance Program

United States Army
**This link gives a brief overview of the Soldier for Life (SLF) Program, but the SLF-TAP link is secure.**

Disabled Veteran Transition Information

Military OneSource: VA Benefits for Disabled Veterans and Service Members
This website offers information for disabled veterans and active-duty disabled service members who need help covering the cost of school, securing a home loan or acquiring life insurance, or require medical care for your disability. It also provides information on disability compensation, transition and employment services, home and car adaptations, and life insurance.

Veterans|Anonymous: The DTAP, or the Disabled Transition Assistance Program
DTAP provides guidance in transition which incorporates involvement in support of service members subject to discharge due to disability or those members who have a disability and therefore become eligible to benefit from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program (VocRehab).

Career OneStop: Veteran and Military Transition Center
This website offers multiple links for information regarding programs and resources for assistance, benefits access, and employment. It is geared for both disabled and non-disabled veterans.