///New Education Complaint System Launched for Veterans

New Education Complaint System Launched for Veterans

VetsFirst supports the recent launch of an education complaint system that will allow veterans the opportunity to hold post-secondary schools accountable.

Veterans receive many benefits after their military service through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including education benefits. The Post-9/11 GI Bill is the most robust education benefit in years. Many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have used it to enroll in college. These college pursuits open many new employment opportunities for veterans.

In recent years, however, some collegiate institutions have used aggressive recruiting tactics to entice veterans to hastily enroll in their college programs. Further, some colleges have used vague statistics when presenting student veterans with the information necessary to make an informed decision about which program or school to attend. Increased attention to these issues on Capitol Hill has prompted concern over the best way to ensure that all veterans receive a quality education.

As a result, VA has partnered with several federal agencies to launch an online complaint system. This system is designed to collect feedback from student veterans and their families who experience problems with post-secondary schools while using their education benefits. The complaint system is available on VA’s website.

VetsFirst believes this initiative is a positive step that we hope will allow future beneficiaries of VA education benefits to make more informed choices about which schools to attend.



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