When you request an increase in your VA disability rating, you are in effect opening up your claim for re-evaluation. The VA can actually lower or terminate your existing rating, so you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you file.

If you’ve had your VA disability for more than five years, the VA has to prove that your illness or disease has gotten better and will stay better before reducing or terminating your rating. If you’ve had your disability for 10 years or more, the VA can very rarely terminate your benefits unless it proves that you’ve been fraudulent in your claim. It can, however, reduce your benefits.  If you’ve had your disability for 20 years, the VA won’t reduce your rating below the lowest one you’ve received in those 20 years.

The VA can also reduce or terminate your compensation if you miss a scheduled disability rating medical exam.  Whatever the situation, be prepared to send in a ton of documents, fill out lots of forms (this may be easier to do using eBenefits instead of regular mail), and wait for several months before the VA makes a decision on your claim.