VetsFirst remains committed to passage of the Disabilities Treaty. The treaty promotes the ideals of the Americans with Disabilities Act around the world. To date, 158 nations have signed the treaty, including the United States, and 143 nations have ratified it.

Last week, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) vowed to continue fighting for United States ratification of the treaty. Senator Harkin believes that an important part of winning this fight is ensuring that the personal stories of people with disabilities, including disabled veterans, are shared with Senators.

To help him relay those stories, Senator Harkin has released a personal message asking for individuals to let him know why the Disabilities Treaty matters. Relaying any experiences living, traveling, working, or studying abroad and any barriers that were encountered can help Senators understand why United States ratification of the treaty is important.

We remain hopeful that with the commitment of leaders in the Senate to move the treaty forward it will be ratified this year.