One of VA’s oldest benefits – Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) – is now the Veteran Readiness and Employment Service. The service office will remain abbreviated VR&E, but the new name reemphasizes VBA’s mission to encourage, promote and support transitioning and service-connected disabled Veterans’ employment goals.

VA engaged in a comprehensive study with Veterans, service members, VR&E employees, and Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) to better understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of the program. The result was that some users felt confusion and stigma with the program’s name and that it deterred some potential program participants from seeking services.

What is the Veteran Readiness and Employment Service?

Veteran Readiness and Employment Service is an employment program that uses five program tracks. These tracks help participants discover a new career path, uncover exciting employment opportunities, and succeed and grow in a chosen profession. VR&E provides benefits and services that enable transitioning service members and Veterans with service-connected disabilities and an employment barrier to prepare for, obtain, and maintain suitable employment, and to the maximum extent possible, achieve independence in daily living.

Five Program Tracks

  1. Reemployment: to successfully return participants to a civilian job they previously held.
  2. Rapid Access to Employment: to quickly secure employment with existing skills and experience.
  3. Self-Employment: to plan for and start a business.
  4. Employment through Long-Term Services: to obtain training and/or education, college or certification programs, on the job training, non-paid work experience, apprenticeships, and/or internships.
  5. Independent Living: to become self-sufficient – if the participant can’t return to work right away.

With VR&E, participants can:

  • Explore career goals and interests.
  • Pursue skilled professions or trades.
  • Select and map personal goals for employment.
  • Obtain formal education or training where tuition, fees, books and supplies are provided at no cost.
  • Maximize independence in life’s daily activities.

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