What is a supplemental statement of the case?


A supplemental statement of the case (SSOC) presents the appellant with changes or additions to the statement of the case. These changes and additions are usually based on additional evidence received after the issuance of the SOC, before or after receipt of a substantive appeal, or after a remand.

If an appellant has not yet filed a substantive appeal, he/she still needs to respond to an SSOC by filing a substantive appeal, usually on VA Form 9, in order to perfect the appeal.

In general a SSOC is issued when:

The SOC or SSOC was prepared before receipt of additional evidence unless the evidence is duplicative or unrelated to the issue under appeal

The new evidence does not result in a total grant of the issue under appeal

The appellant appeared for a personal hearing

An amended decision has been made, or

A material error is discovered in the SOC

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