According to the VA, any veteran with a service-connected disability that is due to “the inability to procreate without the use of fertility treatment” can be reimbursed for qualifying expenses for adopting a child under 18.

What Expenses are Covered?

For expenses to be reimbursable, the adoption must be arranged by a qualified adoption agency per DoD Instruction 1341.9. Reimbursement is capped at $2,000. In the case of two married veterans, only one spouse may claim reimbursement for the adoption. Also, no more than $5,000 may be paid to a covered veteran or family each calendar year.

Expenses such as clothing, bedding, toys and books, or travel expenses are not reimbursable.

How To Apply For Reimbursement?

You should apply online using the VA Form 10152, Reimbursement Request for Qualifying Adoption Expenses.

The application for reimbursement must be submitted no later than two years after the adoption is final or, in the case of adoption of a foreign child, no later than two years from the date a certificate of United States citizenship is issued.

SEE: 38 CFR ยง 17.390 – Reimbursement for qualifying adoption expenses incurred by certain veterans.

Download VA Form 10-10152 (PDF)